Recruiter On-demand

CHS provides to their clients with experienced recruiters / recruitment administrators to complement their specific hiring goals by providing the client recruiter(s) for short-term or long-term, onsite or offsite.

With Recruiter On-Demand, CHS client work with outsourced recruiters who:

  • Deliver flexible, scalable, on-demand recruiting services
  • Are dedicated throughout the engagement
  • Represent your company
  • Complete training on your hiring process
  • Specialize in sourcing
  • Can be deployed and disengaged rapidly
  • Management Oversight


Recruiter On-Demand helps the CHS clients to achieve:

  • A short-term, specialized Recruiting project
  • A long-term, national sales force expansion program
  • To fulfil the HR requirement within a specific Business Unit
  • Acquisition or Divestiture - (Handling the HR side)